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The world of robotics is growing fast and the demand for engineers with the right skills far exceeds the talent pool. This program represents an unique opportunity to develop and furnish these on-demand skills. The program will enable you to exhibit a rich portfolio by giving you exposure to hands on experience on robotics projects, both in simulation and on real hardware.

With this program you would be able to give an edge to your career graph. Towards the end of the program, you can Design, Build, Create & Deploy Robots & Algorithms that would make a huge difference in the field and kick-start your career as a Robotics Application Research Engineer, who are very RARE in this world.

The program is designed to give a strong research orientation combined with a problem based learning approach. It has the right balance of theory and practical application of the theory.

The first two terms concentrate on building a strong research orientation through course modules like

  • “Introduction to Scientific Working” Introduction to Scientific Working, where you will learn the best ways to perform a literature survey, read, write a research paper and make sense of a robotic trends
  • Mathematics for Robots & Control, that enables you to understand principles, logics, mathematical equations behind algorithms
  • Autonomous Mobile Cognitive Robots, which will give you the basic foundation in the world of robots, from locomotion to perception needs of a Robot.
  • you can choose your specialization from the following areas
    • Perception – Speech/Vision/Touch - Playing with Sensors and how to extract the optimised data from the sensor data
    • Learning & Adaptivity - Understand, Apply and come up with new techniques in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • Mechatronics – Understand Mechanical and Electronic components of a robot and come-up with new control algorithms, manipulation and design robots that matter
    • Cyber-Physical Systems - Smart Devices and Internet of Things for Industry 4.0 & Well Being
  • The Third term focusses on Agile Project Development & Research Problem Formulatio
    • A group project which aims to bring a robot to life
    • Project Management Skills
    • Expose you to opportunities in various industries
    • Help you formulate a personalized Research Problem worthy of solving

The next 8 months, focus on Solving the Formulated Research Problem.

More information about the program and its components can be found here.

Application Process

Given the specialised nature of this curriculum, it’s important that enrolled participants have the required research inclination, knowledge, skills, and some experience in advance. This process allows us to assess each applicant's qualifications, and either accept them to the program, or make recommendations for courses that will help them meet the prerequisites so they can truly succeed in the program.

Step 1 – Apply through our Website – Talk to our In-House Wise Assistant “Sassy” – understanding things you have done in this field

Step 2 – Schedule a Face-to-Face or a Face-to-Robot interview

Step 3 – if shortlisted, you will be sent a Contract

Step 4 – Sign and Send the Contract!

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You must have previous knowledge of math (calculus, linear algebra, statistics) and basic physics.

You must also have intermediate-level programming experience in Python or similar language. Experience with ROS, C++ and machine learning experience are helpful but not required.

Enrollment Process

Applications will be open through out the year. Selected applicants will be notified with a link to the necessary enrollment details.
Laptop with at least 4GB RAM, Quad-Core i5 processor or equivalent, 50GB free HDD space, WiFi capability (802.11x)

Costs & Job Market

The costs of the progream will depend on your performance during the program. The costs vary and will be communicated during the first call with the center.

Our goal with this program is to equip you with the most valuable skills in this field; the skills top companies are looking for as they search for the next generation of robotics talent. Enter the search terms “Robotics Engineer” in Glassdoor, Indeed, or any other major job search engine, and you’ll find thousands of openings all over the world in a diversity of industries.

You will learn practical application of robotics concepts like perception, localization, path planning, iot and controls using the languages and frameworks that are in demand in the industry.

The first 15 week research orientaion will be followed by a 8 month paid internship contract. If you acheive more than 75% grade, then the stipend will be anything between Rs.15,000 to Rs.25,000 depending on the performance and as per the contract.
Yes, we have an open enrollment policy, enroll worthy members on regular basis.


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